2024 Legislative Agenda

BRAC's legislative agenda, informed by its Board of Directors and investors' insights, aims to bolster the state's economic competitiveness, create innovative reforms to increase business friendliness, and boost talent development, attraction, and retention.

This year's legislative priorities include:

Support the reorganization of LED and best practices for economic development. BRAC supports a reimagined Louisiana Economic Development (LED), designed to foster a business-first, customer-centric environment to ensure Louisiana stands out in the global marketplace.

Champion a comprehensive energy strategy. BRAC will push for policies and incentives that fuel renewable energy growth, aligning with our industry diversification goals.

Commit to fully funding critical transportation infrastructure projects, including the three phases of I-10 widening, the new Mississippi River Bridge, enhanced airport services, and inter-city passenger rail between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. 

Relieve the state's insurance woes, creating a more favorable insurance environment for insurers and the insured, driving down costs while ensuring citizens are adequately protected. BRAC will support numerous reforms, including legislation requiring reversionary trusts for future medical expenses in personal injury cases; statutory language defining "proof of loss" in property insurance claims to avoid unnecessary litigation; collateral source reform to prevent double or windfall compensation; and direct action requirements to ensure the party allegedly at fault is the named defendant, and that any damages awarded reflect a reasonable sum against that defendant.

Build pathways to high-wage employment for out-of-school youth and adult learners. Specifically, BRAC proposes extending the MJ Foster Promise funding eligibility requirements to include 17-to-20-year-olds and formerly incarcerated individuals, dismantling barriers to education and reintegration. 

Eliminate impediments to employment by removing unnecessary degree requirements for state jobs and eliminating onerous occupational licensing requirements for some professions.

Significantly improve K-12 student attendance and outcomes by expanding and incentivizing work-based-learning opportunities for students, emphasizing accountability standards, pushing grade-level literacy and numeracy, and reducing truancy and chronic absenteeism. Notably, BRAC will advocate to require public high schools to start no earlier than 8:30 a.m., which has been shown to reduce tardiness, absenteeism, and discipline issues, and lead to higher graduation rates and academic outcomes in core subjects and standardized tests.

Maintain Early Childhood Education funding levels. High-quality early education is essential for child development and enables parents and guardians to participate in the workforce. Provide the requisite funding allocations to continue serving our youngest citizens.

Increase access to allied health professionals by funding the completion of the nursing and allied health education complex at Baton Rouge Community College. Allied health workers are among the most in-demand positions in the labor force and are a pillar of the state's healthcare economy.

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Kean Jones

Manager of Governmental Affairs
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