Legislative Response to COVID-19: What legal or regulatory changes does your business need to support reopening and recovery?

With the Stay at Home Order set to end on April 30 it is time to start thinking about what comes next. Reopening businesses and the economy will come with many challenges, some of which BRAC has outlined in its Safe-at-Work Framework, some of which haven’t been anticipated yet.  

As you consider the implications of bringing back employees, reopening an office, store, or other workplace, and reengaging in face-to-face interaction with customers, suppliers, and others, what is on your mind? For example, the risk of legal liability once businesses reopen has surfaced as a concern for many regional businesses. What guidelines are available to businesses if an employee or customer becomes infected with the virus at a business facility or because of a business’ action or inaction? Legislation to limit liability when businesses are following health and safety guidelines will be important to allowing businesses to reopen with confidence. 

BRAC is seeking input from the regional business community through a short, five-minute survey on the issues that will need our advocacy when the Louisiana legislature ultimately comes together to respond to this crisis. Your input will help us address critical issues with the legislature to help you reopen your business, the economy to recover, and attract more jobs and economic growth to the Baton Rouge Area.  

David Zoller

As BRAC’s Manager of Governmental Affairs, David Zoller is responsible for the organization’s governmental relations and advocacy efforts and managing other projects related to economic competitiveness and quality of life.

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