Families take advantage of the Capital Region’s top-rated education options – ranging from childcare to higher education institutions.


Finding a quality childcare facility can be one of the most daunting tasks for a working parent.  The Baton Rouge Area has dozens of excellent options depending on preference of location, curriculum, and cost. Volunteers of America Partnerships in Child Care offers personalized assistance in finding a quality childcare facility.  Ratings for childcare options by facilities that receive public dollars can be found on the Louisiana Department of Education’s website. Parents are also encouraged to visit the State of Louisiana Quality Start Child Care Rating System website for information on state childcare tax credits and childcare facility ratings.

The most comprehensive list of childcare facilities in the Capital Region is updated annually by Baton Rouge Parents magazine.  Visit this site to view a listing of centers including information on locations, hours of operation, special-needs accommodations, and multiple-child discounts. Hard copies are also available at the Baton Rouge Parents magazine office which can be obtained by calling (225) 292-0032.

K-12 Private Education

For those seeking a faith-based educational experience or a more private learning environment, the abundant offering of private and parochial schools in the area can meet any family’s needs.

Louisiana offers a variety of options to make great schools available to all families. Two of these options are the Louisiana Scholarship Program (Vouchers) and the Tuition Rebate Program. Both programs give low-income families the financial resources to choose a participating private school for their students. Locally, New Schools for Baton Rouge operations as a School Tuition Organization for the Tuition Rebate Program.

For a complete listing of private schools in the Baton Rouge Area, including tuition, class size, scholarships, and accreditation information, please visit the directory maintained by our partners at Baton Rouge Parents magazine. Hard copies are also available at the Baton Rouge Parents magazine office which can be obtained by calling (225) 292-0032.

K-12 Public Education

The Baton Rouge Area is home to five of the top ten public school districts in the state of Louisiana, four of which received an “A” rating in the most recent reporting.  Regardless of a parent’s work location, there is a community close by with a highly regarded school district.  Zachary Community Schools, West Feliciana Parish, Central Community Schools, Ascension Parish, and Livingston Parish all have top-ranked public education options for Capital Region families.  For details on district-wide performance, read BRAC’s Regional Education Report Card or visit the Louisiana Department of Education’s district performance score page. For information on individual schools, see the school performance score page.

Higher Education

With two land grant universities situated just miles from each other and robust community and technical college offerings, the Capital Region is well-equipped to meet your higher education needs.

Public, Four-Year Institutions
Community and Technical College Systems
Specialty and Private Institutions

Magnet and Charter Schools

The magnet and charter school options in the Baton Rouge Area grow every year and, for many families, get more confusing every year. For those not familiar with these types of education options, following is a short explanation.

Magnet Schools:  According to the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board (EBRPSB) website, magnet schools are special interest programs for the high-achieving student in grades K-12, which offer advanced study such as dual enrollment for college credit, extended day services (elementary), expanded elective courses, and educational choice.

Magnet programs offered in East Baton Rouge Parish are academic, business and law, foreign language immersion (Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish), STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), emerging technologies, Montessori, and visual and performing arts.  Most of these programs received an “A” or “B” grade in the most recent reporting period. View individual school scores on the Louisiana Department of Education website.

The application process for the EBRPSB magnet schools typically runs from October-December for the following school year. Students are selected to enter magnet programs through a lottery system, then are either required to complete an assessment or submit academic records to complete the admission process. While some of the programs require curriculum-specific portfolio submissions, others simply require a prior GPA of 2.5 or higher and proficient scores on previous standardized tests.  Some magnet programs give preference to students who live in a designated area, or to siblings of current students.

Students selected to enter a magnet program are typically notified in January while those not selected are invited to remain on a waitlist to be notified if a spot should open up.

More information can be found on the magnet school page of the EBRPSB website.

Charter Schools:  Charter schools are a growing part of the region’s education ecosystem. The first charter school in Louisiana opened in 1995, and the Baton Rouge Area is home to nearly 30 of them as of 2017. Charter schools are public schools that operate autonomously – without control of a local school district – within performance requirements set out by the State Department of Education. In the Baton Rouge Region, many charter schools have a strict focus on getting all students to college – even those serving elementary grade students. Others are established to serve students with learning disabilities or behavioral needs. For a complete listing of all Baton Rouge Area charter schools with contact information, please visit the charter school listing on the Louisiana Department of Education website. Many of the charter schools in East Baton Rouge parish share a common application, easing this process for interested families.