Located between the Atchafalaya Basin and the city of Baton Rouge, and with direct access to the Mississippi River, Iberville Parish has always been a center for commerce. For more information on Iberville, visit our parish statistics page.


The City of Plaquemine, located southwest of Baton Rouge along the Mississippi River in Iberville Parish, welcomes visitors from near and far to experience its historic architecture and beautiful waterways. Plaquemine has much to offer, from markets and museums to historic sites and waterfront parks.

Locals love Plaquemine because:

  • Collectors and antique aficionados frequent the Plaquemine Depot Market, which offers antiques, collectibles, crafts and art for any occasion.  
  • The Plaquemine Historic District in the heart of the city showcases some of the town’s original history and buildings, which exemplify a variety of architectural styles. The 21-block district encompasses the Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site, the breathtaking, award-winning Iberville Veterans Memorial, and the Plaquemine Museum, which features a display of costumes from past Mardi Gras ball kings and queens.

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St. Gabriel

The City of St. Gabriel is known for its connection to both water and land. Only a few miles south of East Baton Rouge, St. Gabriel is almost completely surrounded by the Mississippi River, giving way to beautiful bike trails and a premier boating area. St. Gabriel is the newest city in Iberville Parish but has already made a name for itself with its high-performing schools and low crime rate. The city continues to experience rapid economic growth that keeps pace with its growing population.

Locals love St. Gabriel because:

  • St. Gabriel is home to University Club, home of the LSU golf course and one of the newest neighborhoods in the town.

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