Live Capitalized: It’s Our Birthday!

Live Capitalized turns three today and there is no better way to spend our birthday than by celebrating Baton Rouge! And this is the perfect year to do it because Baton Rouge turns 200. This year, our lively and fun home has celebrated, juked, jived and rejoiced in its 200th year, so if you haven’t joined in on any of the festivities yet, now is the time because you only have a couple months left! 

For our birthday, we plan on looking back at the history of Baton Rouge by visiting some of the BR 200 events within our community, like the “Images of Baton Rouge” Photography Exhibit curated by the Louisiana Photographic Society and the Old State Capitol’s exhibition River Capital: A History of Baton Rouge. Hey, it may sound a little nerdy, but we can’t help but love everything about our community!  

Although we aren’t supposed to tell, we will let you in on a little secret – when we make our birthday wish, we will definitely be wishing for another great year like this one. 

Flavor of the Week: The Art of Food

We love food and we love art, so what could possibly be better than The Art of Food, an event that melds the two together to create a unique culinary experience. Just like art, food can evoke emotions (we’ve definitely cried over the perfect roux) and remind us of the past (we promise we can’t eat pecan pie without thinking of Maw Maw’s homemade pies). 

The Art of Food will explore these parallels in a televised collaboration between Chef Phillip Lopez and artist Jacqueline Bishop that will appear on LPB’s Art Rocks! The Series. Watch (and then taste!) how Lopez recreates the emotions displayed in Bishop’s artwork through food. We can’t wait to see this innovative dinner come to life and, obviously, we can’t wait to get our hands on some of Chef Lopez’s delicious food creations! 

Are you headed to this delectable dinner? Snap a picture of your dinner and share it with us – it might just end up on our blog. 

Workin’ It: Sales Representative

An area organization, which creates educational solutions and programs, is currently seeking to fill an educational sales position within their professional and career division. This position is on the front lines of assisting and supporting the transformation of learning with responsibilities including: employing effective consultative techniques, delivering technology presentations to faculty, maintaining product knowledge around the organization’s technologies, the educational industry, and factors influencing the market environment, building strong relationships with faculty members and college bookstore personnel, and more. 

The ideal candidate for this role has high achievement and a consistent track record for excelling in a fast-paced college and/or work environment, sales experience, experience with learning technologies, excellent presentation skills, and a 4-year college degree demonstrating academic excellence. 

Does this sound like a job for you? Email for more information. 

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My Baton Rouge: Parker’s Pharmacy

After leaving Baton Rouge, the Palmer brothers have finally found their way back home – and we are so glad they did! The powerhouse duo, Kyle and Orlando Palmer, were born and raised in north Baton Rouge, but left to pursue opportunities in other states. After 10 years away, they have returned to their hometown with a big dream and a plan. 

The pair have recently opened Parker’s Pharmacy (named after Orlando’s daughter, how cute?!), a classic pharmacy with a hometown twist. The Palmer brothers not only want to provide the best customer service and health and wellness options, but to also help educate the community they love. Through Parker’s Cares community health presentations, the duo will facilitate educational programming in the community to expel misunderstandings and myths surrounding health and how families can better protect their health.  

A family and team of dreamers and community-thinkers, that is my Baton Rouge. 

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Out on the Town

For more local events, visit the Life in BR Events Page.   

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