Live Capitalized: One Book, One Community

The thirteenth annual One Book, One Community Initiative is in full swing! This year the East Baton Rouge Parish Library selected The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle for its community read.  

If you’re new to the One Book, One Community scene don’t worry, it’s easy to jump in. The initiative, sponsored in part by Forum 35, brings people across the community from all ages and walks of life together through reading. Pick up a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles, get to reading, and attend various community events all based around the book. 

Liven up your read with these events: 

For more information and a full list of fun events visit the library’s OBOC hub. 

Flavor of the Week: Teatery Tea and Tapioca 

Looking for a refreshing treat? Stop by Teatery, the latest bubble tea shop to make its way to the Baton Rouge Area. Teatery is taking risks with traditional bubble tea recipes and combining cultural influences from Taiwan, China, Vietnam and America. If you’re a seasoned bubble tea drinker and want to try something new, we suggest the Par”tea” milk tea. It includes pudding, baby tapioca, herbal jelly, and red bean!  

Not so excited about the bubble tea trend? Teatery has plenty of options for the less adventurous of the pack. Try out a frozen mocha with ice cream or maybe one of the ice blend slushies. With every flavor imaginable and plenty of options to customize your drink, you are bound to find something you’ll love. 

Show us your favorite bubble tea flavor and don’t forget to tag your refreshing pics with #thinkBR for a chance to be featured on the BRAC blog. 

Workin’ It: Digital Brand Manager 

Lipsey’s is seeking a digital brand manager to develop and implement digital marketing campaigns for the Lipsey’s and Haspel brands. The digital brand manager will be responsible for gathering, scheduling, and managing digital assets that align with company initiatives. Concentrations include social media growth, e-commerce growth and paid marketing campaigns. Experience with email marketing, the Google Ads platform and the WordPress Website platform is a plus. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree and at least five years in a corporate marketing environment are encouraged to apply.  

In the “Workin’ It” section of the newsletter we feature exciting job opportunities and/or professional organizations in the Baton Rouge Area. The positions featured are from companies who are BRAC investors and not necessarily positions at BRAC. For more information about BRAC’s talent development program or to advertise an open position, email 

My Baton Rouge: Of Moving Colors presents Tell Me More 

Grab your tickets for Of Moving Colors’ latest production, Tell Me More. The production focuses on 12 community members who tell stories that inspire choreography for the show. This year includes the mayor, business executives, an attorney, a former NBA player, small business owners, jewelry designers and more.  

Of Moving Colors has showcased contemporary dance and theatre in Baton Rouge since 1987. Every year the production company brings together the visual and performing arts through unique collaborations made possible by the community’s continued involvement.  

A community dedicated to the arts, that is my Baton Rouge. 

In the “My Baton Rouge” section of the newsletter, we feature people or events that help tell the story of Baton Rouge. To submit an idea, email 

Out on the Town

For more local events, visit the Life in BR Events Page. 

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