Louisiana Sales Tax Relief Extended

The Louisiana Department of Revenue on May 22, 2020 released new provisions related to sales tax relief for the months of February, March and April. Filers now have until June 30 to submit sales tax returns and payments. 


As previously publicized, February 2020 sales tax return payments were extended from March 20 to May 20, 2020. Taxpayers who receive any collection notice claiming failure to file for February may disregard the notice as the Department of Revenue has voided the notice in their records. 


For the March 2020 sales tax period, any taxpayer that received a self-assessment bill from the Department of Revenue is not required to pay any penalties shown on the bill if: 

  • the tax and related interest is paid by June 30, 2020 
  • or the taxpayer submits and enters into an Installment Request for Business Taxes by June 30, 2020 

March and April

For March and April payments which would have been due April 20 and May 20, 2020, taxpayers may be granted relief. To qualify for automatic penalty relief, taxpayers should file March and April returns and pay the sales tax and any interest by June 30.  

In the event that the taxpayer is unable to make those payments, they may submit an Installment Request for Business Taxes, also by June 30. Applications for penalty relief can be found on the Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point.  

Business owners can find more information here

Elizabeth Walker

As the Policy and Research Project Manager, Elizabeth Walker provides leadership on initiatives and policies, project management, research analysis and administration for initiatives that advance BRAC’s annual policy agenda.

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