Main Street Monthly: Blogs for Business

Whether you need a specific question answered, want to stay in the know, or are simply seeking inspiration, here are four blogs and online magazines perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Harvard Business Review  

HBR covers everything from budgeting to global strategy to customer service. You can easily search content by subject, industries, or regions. Examples of recent articles include, “Why You Should Let Employees Personalize Their Job Descriptions,” and “How to Keep Networking from Draining You.” Small Business Trends  

Small Business Trends explores topics related to marketing, management, technology, and finance, with an exclusive focus on small businesses. Examples of recent articles include, “10 Expert Tips for Using Social Media as a Public Relations Tool,” and “What’s the Best Stage for Angels to Invest.” Forbes Entrepreneurs  

Forbes Entrepreneurs are Forbes articles, but curated for small business and startup owners. Examples of recent articles include, “What to Know Before Going Into Venture Debt,” and “When To Do Free Work and How to Never Do It Again.” Inc., from the publisher of Inc. magazine, provides ideas, information, and inspiration for startups and small businesses. Examples of recent articles include, “8 Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now,” and “5 Mistakes to Avoid the First Time You Start a Company.” This monthly blog series is intended to engage the small business community and enhance the region’s competitiveness by arming the small business community with information on regional resources and services and communicating important policy issues impacting job creation. 

Brooke Hathaway

As Economic Research and Policy Analyst at BRAC, Brooke conducts research and performs data collection to support key policy focus areas, including workforce development, education, and others. She is responsible for tracking economic, legislative and market trends impacting the region.

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