Manager/Director of Economic Inclusion

Organization Description: The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) leads economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge metropolitan area. Serving as the voice of the business community, BRAC’s membership includes nearly 1,500 organizations whose employees represent over a third of the Capital Region workforce.

Supporting BRAC’s Commitment to Economic Inclusion: As the lead regional economic development agency, BRAC’s outlook on economic inclusion is grounded in the recognition that, while diversity and inclusion are positive values in their own right – they also make economic sense. BRAC’s commitment to these values stems from the understanding that a more welcoming environment and inclusive opportunities for all people will propel growth, attract business, and enhance the quality of life for everyone. Strong performance across economic inclusion metrics – like closing the gap in disparities for the poverty rate, household income, educational attainment, and workers in management positions – is closely linked with more robust economic growth.

As part of the BRAC Policy Team, the Manager/Director of Economic Inclusion will lead BRAC’s economic inclusion initiatives, which fall under these areas of focus:

Business Services for Economic Inclusion Impact 

BRAC provides business services that have a positive economic inclusion impact, like the Baton Rouge Procurement Opportunity Partnership, which links procurement opportunities from the region’s major employers with small businesses to expand supplier diversity and help emerging companies grow.

Corporate and Workplace DEI Initiatives

BRAC advances corporate and workplace diversity initiatives through the annual Economic Inclusion Symposium, featuring national speakers providing best practices, through our Diversity Star Award honoring successful companies in our region, and through our newly planned Diversity Leadership Lab. These workshops educate executives on workplace diversity and inclusion practices. 

Reinvestment and Redevelopment of Underserved Communities

BRAC is actively pushing reinvestment and redevelopment opportunities in underserved communities through the efforts of the business development and quality of place teams.

Job Description:  This position provides project management, advocacy, research, analysis, and administration for initiatives that advance BRAC’s annual strategic plan for economic inclusion. Major functions involve:

  • Leading the organization and implementation of the annual program of work within BRAC’s policy and program agenda for economic inclusion
  • Serving as staff lead for BRAC’s Economic Inclusion Committee and BR-POP Procurement Council
  • Leading BRAC’s Drive Minority Business Development Program, liaising with the facilitator and guiding the program’s growth and sustainability
  • Providing direct business technical assistance and creating programs to support the growth of minority-owned businesses
  • Developing resources to advise business owners and executives on business diversity programs such as bias training, inclusive procurement, and hiring practices
  • Developing and organizing events and webinars promoting diversity and inclusion best practices, such as BRAC’s annual Economic Inclusion Symposium and Diversity Star Award
  • Building internal and external coalitions to complete, support, or coordinate strategic goals
  • Authoring public policy commentaries on issues relevant to the region’s economic inclusion
  • Other duties as assigned

The Manager/Director of Economic Inclusion reports to the Senior Vice President of Policy.


  • A bachelor’s degree is required; a degree in Business or Economics is preferred
  • Self-starter with a positive, goal-oriented attitude and the ability to lead projects and initiatives independently
  • Strategic and tactical planning skills
  • A strong command of Microsoft Office products is required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Adeptness in communicating complex ideas and sophisticated analyses
  • Effectiveness communicating relevant project information to superiors and colleagues
  • Ability to tactfully communicate difficult/sensitive information 
  • Skill in delivering engaging, informative, polished, and well-organized presentations
  • Ease in interfacing with senior-level executives
  • Ability to meet internal and external stakeholders’ expectations effectively and professionally and positively represent the organization
  • A desire to work within a diverse, collaborative, and driven professional environment

Preferred Qualities 

  • One to three years of private-sector experience in economics, business development, banking or financial services, and/or project management 
  • Experience building and managing coalitions to accomplish program goals 
  • A demonstrated ability to convey organizational views in a compelling way to a variety of individuals via multiple mediums
  • Ability to successfully adapt to professional situations, both formal and informal 
  • Comfort serving as a spokesperson for BRAC’s diversity and inclusion agenda
  • A belief that the region’s overall economic strength is directly tied to its capacity for economic inclusion and improving opportunities for all its citizens
  • A belief that regions embracing diversity and inclusion create an atmosphere of openness that improves their economic competitiveness in attracting and retaining businesses, talent, clients, and customers
  • A belief that businesses that value diversity and inclusion similarly attract and retain the best talent, form a stronger bond with the whole community, and develop greater knowledge of the needs of a wider variety of clients and customers

The position title, Manager or Director, will be determined based on experience.

To apply for this position, please upload cover letter and resume by visiting here.

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