The Nation is Callin’ Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge has a great food scene, tech community, research institutions and culture of fun. But don’t take it from us — take it from the experts. 

Check out a sample of the lifestyle hits the Baton Rouge Area has landed this year, thanks to our contract with Development Counsellors International (DCI). Basically, DCI shows the world how swanky, savvy and spectacular we already know we are. Maybe these pieces will explain why the rest of the nation is callin’ Baton Rouge for pro tips on how to be an awesome city! 

All right, that’s enough bragging for us. We’ll leave the rest to the national media. 


When it comes to food, Baton Rouge objectively offers the best of Louisiana. According to foodies from across the country, the Capital Region is, in their own words… 

  • Louisiana’s premier destination for down home food and Southern hospitality (The Daily Meal) — “Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has a food ethos all its own…Today’s Baton Rouge includes food seasoned with unique spice and herb combinations, flavorful meats, innovative pop-ups, delectable desserts, and fantastic food festivals.” 
  • Always in the mood for a food party (The Daily Meal) — “It didn’t take long for me to grasp the culinary motto of Baton Rouge’s residents: If we can eat it, we’ll create a festival of it!” 
  • An underrated Southern food city (USA Today) — “Baton Rouge, La., is ground zero for some excellent Cajun and Creole food, but unbeknownst to many, the city has so much more to offer.” 
  • Home to (at least) 11 must-visit restaurants and bars (Zagat) — “…Unlike any other city, this is the one place where you can find boudin-stuffed donut sandwiches.” 
  • Louisiana’s undercover culinary capital (Wine Enthusiast) — “The increasingly diverse culinary scene never loses its local color (crawfish pho, anyone?) with iconic ingredients like catfish, redfish, crawfish, alligator, pigtails and soft-shell crab.” 


Step aside, Cupertino — Baton Rouge is on its way to becoming the Silicon Valley of the South! If you’re a startup tech wizard or PlayStation pro, welcome to Baton Rouge, the home of big ideas and open doors. This is the PERFECT place for you to spread your digital wings because… 


And hey, we have Grade-A research institutions, too! Whether we’re discovering gravitational waves, curing chronic disease or restoring the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline, you might as well call us the world’s problem solver. Needless to say, the Baton Rouge Area is… 

  • Serious about life sciences (Area Development) — “Pennington Biomedical Research Center…has been involved in the development of all approved obesity medications on the market today, and many key diabetes medications.” 


But the cherry on top? It’s fun here! You don’t just live in Baton Rouge – you love it. Here are a couple things we love that you can’t find anywhere outside the Red Stick: 

  • Knock Knock Museum is a hit with children (AAA Southern Traveler) — “The new Knock Knock Children’s Museum…is the area’s first museum to provide an engaging space for children under 8 that supports early development through play, and its toddler center is already receiving national accolades.” 
  • When it comes to great tailgating, nothing compares to LSU (Sports Illustrated) — “At any other school, The Usual Suspects would have the most over-the-top tailgate on campus. At LSU, home of the tailgating national champions, the Suspects blend into a purple-and-gold party that starts Friday night and ends long after the sun has found its way home in the western sky on Saturday night.” 

Thanks for the kind words, folks! 

Caitie Burkes

As the marketing and communications intern, Caitie is responsible for providing support for marketing team programs and projects.

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