West Feliciana Parish

West Feliciana Parish is the second smallest parish in the Baton Rouge Area, with just over 15,000 residents. West Feliciana is about 35 minutes north of Baton Rouge and about an hour south of Natchez, Mississippi. The parish seat of St. Francisville is its only incorporated town. For demographic information on West Feliciana, visit our regional data page.

St. Francisville

Known for its southern hospitality, St. Francisville always gives a warm welcome to residents and visitors alike. The closeness of the St. Francisville community has contributed to the success of the town’s Main Street program, which breathed new life into the downtown district.

Locals love St. Francisville because:
  • This small, close-knit community offers an abundance of things to do and see, especially outdoor activities like cycling, birdwatching, golf and hiking.
  • The St. Francisville Main Street program hosts public events for downtown merchants and businesses. The goal of the Main Street initiative is to revitalize the downtown commercial district and strengthen public participation and the local economy.
  • St. Francisville is home to beautiful year-round flowers and foliage.
st francis
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