New BRAC figures show more than 146k Capital Region homes in flood-impacted areas

Business Report

Updated estimates released by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber this morning show that more homes than were originally thought are located in areas that flooded in the nine-parish greater Baton Rouge area.

An estimated 146,156 homes—or roughly 42% of all homes in the Baton Rouge metro area—are located in areas that flooded, according to BRAC’s updated figures. On Friday, BRAC estimated that 31% of homes in the region, or 110,000, were located in flooded areas. The figures do not reflect the total number of homes that took on water, but those located in neighborhoods that experienced flooding.

The estimated total value of the homes in flooded areas is $30.4 billion, with 359,619 people residing in those areas. Meanwhile, an estimated 12,000 businesses are located in areas that flooded, BRAC says, which represents 35% of all businesses in the region. Retail is the hardest hit sector, followed by construction, health care, manufacturing and food services.

BRAC says it has updated the figures based on new data from LSU’s Stephenson Disaster Management Institute and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Access the updated report from BRAC.

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