New business-led coalition for a Stronger Economy lays out strategic plan for growth in Louisiana

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More than 60 Louisiana business organizations have banded together to create the Coalition for a Stronger Economy, or CASE, in hopes of combining their influence to get public officials behind six strategies the group has created to help grow the state’s business climate.

“Instead of throwing solutions against a wall, it is time for a strategic plan. These business and civic groups are leaning forward with a unified approach that lays the foundation for a smarter government and a stronger economy,” the group says in an email.

The six strategies are: accelerating growth in the private sector; adopting a pro-growth tax code; allowing more state spending; developing the state’s growing workforce throughout early childhood and secondary education; building infrastructure to sustain economic growth; and improving the state’s legal climate to help eliminate frivolous lawsuits.

“The CASE platform is a clear and concise handbook that will boost economic prosperity in Louisiana,” says Chris John, president of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, in a prepared release.

The 61 agencies and organizations that make up CASE represent a wide range of industries in Louisiana and include a large number of area chambers of commerce. Members include the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Associated Builders and Contractors of Louisiana, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Council for a Better Louisiana, Greater New Orleans Inc., the Louisiana Chemical Association and Louisiana Restaurant Association, among others.

“Business and citizens across Louisiana are ready for a strategy that meets our state’s challenges without sacrificing economic growth,” says LABI President Stephen Waguespack in a prepared statement. “We believe the new Legislature and governor must seize the opportunity and take concrete action in these six areas to build a stronger economy, build jobs and bring prosperity to the state for years to come.”

See the full list of six strategies the group has proposed and the full list of groups that have signed on with the coalition.

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