November New Investors

BRAC welcomes its newest investors and thanks them for driving economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge Area.

To learn more about becoming an investor, visit the Join BRAC page or schedule a meeting with a member of BRAC’s Investor Relations team.


Aldi, a renowned brand born in 1946 by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht, has over 12,000 stores across 19 countries, all with affordable quality products rooted in family values. Visit one of the newest locations in the Capital Region today off Reiger Road.

Girl Scouts Louisiana East

Girl Scouts Louisiana East embodies a world of curiosity, dreams, and unique talents. From visiting animal shelters to camping escapades and creating cinematic masterpieces, each venture serves as a bonding experience and a safe space for young girls.

Pedal Pub

Pedal Pub aims to provide a fun, safe, eco-friendly tour experience to millions of customers annually, all while enjoying a refreshing drink. Riders can take in the sites in and around downtown Baton Rouge, including the USS Kidd, the State Capitol, and the Riverfront Plaza.

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