The BRAC research team offers analyses on economic, demographic, workforce and most other industry-specific research requests. The scope can be as broad or narrow as needed, ranging from census tract/zip code to state or national data. This service offers BRAC investors a reasonably-priced option for complex market research and consulting projects. Contact BRAC’s business intelligence team for more information. Below is a non-comprehensive list of the types of research available:


  • History and visualization of economic indicators
  • Various projections
  • Tax rate and collections
  • Comparative analysis of various metropolitan areas’ economies
  • Analysis of median income for any region, sub-region, census tract, etc


  • Employment/unemployment from a granular (census tract) to broad (state and national) level overall or by industry
  • Detailed wage rates for industry and occupation
  • Historical look as well as projections
  • Analysis of occupational crossover/overlap
  • Snapshot of educational/training pipeline


  • Breakdown of race, gender, age, language or any other relevant category
  • Detailed analysis of change over time and projections


  • Commuter info for census tract up to state-to-state
  • Industry-specific analysis for any metro area
  • Market saturation information for various types of businesses and services
  • Information on commercial or residential real estate trends
  • Basic mapping and geographic-based analysis of any other service offered
  • Education data
  • Other basic research as needed (forestry, fishing, etc)