Quality of Life

Louisiana isn’t a state that you just pass through – that’s why we’re home to the second-highest percentage of native-born residents in the country. For those who love Louisiana – and residents do love Louisiana, it's been ranked as the happiest state in the country – there’s no better location to live than Baton Rouge. Why? We have a lifestyle that celebrates having a good time.

Photo by Heather McClelland

Philanthropic community members and innovative creators have built a vibrant arts scene and a genuinely cool culture that blends tradition and future-thinking.


Baton Rouge has a revitalized downtown with live music, dozens of museums, art galleries and the walkable, bikeable Mississippi River Levee Path.


The region's libraries—some of the best in America—boast state-of-the-art architecture and high-tech amenities, driving the region's maker movement and offering ample meeting spaces.


Known as the Sportsman's Paradise, Baton Rouge offers residents chances to be on the water, a hiking trail, or a biking trail minutes from their offices. 


One of the most treasured Baton Rouge amenities just might be the food—chefs from Austin, New Orleans, and Chicago are bringing their culinary chops and concepts to Baton Rouge’s 900+ restaurants.


As a college town, Baton Rouge is infused with plenty of sporting event options and long-held tailgating traditions (also worth mentioning is Baton Rouge’s close proximity to national teams located in the Super Region).


The area has 184 parks which offer free activities ranging from rock climbing to paddle boarding lessons.

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