Quick Tips for Building an Inclusive Company Culture

Creating environments that promote diversity and inclusion positively impacts a company’s bottom line. As countless facts, figures, and studies show, diversity is just good for business. In May for BRAC’s Diversity in Business event, Eric Mitchell, AVP of Diversity and Inclusion at AT&T, shared some tactics for organizations to create an inclusive company culture:  

  • Actively hire people from diverse backgrounds. Consider changing the language of your job postings to attract diverse candidates, and ensure that your recruitment team reflects the diversity you aim to achieve companywide.  
  • Promote your own commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion on your website and in marketing materials. Create a pledge or highlight your company’s current efforts and future diversity goals via social media or a blog. 
  • Search for diverse talent via virtual forums and events. As job fairs and hiring events continue to move to the digital space, it’s even easier for your company to have a presence in front of people from a variety of backgrounds.  
  • Partner with Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) using platforms such as Handshake. Southern University is the country’s only HBCU system, and produces countless professionals ready to enter the workforce. Regional businesses can access students at Southern (and all of the other regional higher ed institutions) via Handshake. Set up a free employer account at https://brac.org/handshake

These are just general ideas to get you started on your journey to a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Diversity, equity and inclusion are pillars that should be incorporated within the very framework of an organization in order to be competitive in today’s environment. Stay connected with BRAC’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts by visiting https://brac.org/diversity.  

Darrell L. Johnson, Jr.

Darrell L. Johnson, Jr. serves as Manager of Diversity & Inclusion Programs at BRAC. In this role, Darrell leads BRAC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives including providing business services, advancing corporate and workplace diversity initiatives, and pushing for reinvestment and redevelopment of underserved areas through the efforts of BRAC’s business development and quality of place teams.

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