Reasons to Book a Talent Tour 

Need to charm that candidate or acclimate new hires and interns to Baton Rouge? Have no fear – BRAC’s Talent Tours are the solution to your problem! With an over 90% success rate, our customized tours are the perfect way to make your candidates, staff, and interns feel at home in Baton Rouge. Each tour participant will have the opportunity to spend time with our trained guides, learning about the ins and outs of Baton Rouge and asking all their pressing questions to a true Baton Rouge insider. BRAC’s Director of Talent Development, Maggi Spurlock, shares some insights into how our tours can work for you. 

  1. It can be hard to get your bearings when you aren’t even sure where to start. Tours are a great way for participants to get a feel for the city, its neighborhoods and amenities. 
  1. Already hired that new group of staff or interns and want to make sure they are acclimating to the city? This is a great way to help them see the sights and get more familiar with what could be their new stomping grounds!
  1. Tours are created with guests in mind! If you want to make sure your new or future hire is learning what they want to know about the city, we have you covered. Each tour participant fills out a pre-tour survey making sure several of their interests are explored on the tour. 
  1. Baton Rouge has world-class services even some residents don’t know about. Nationally ranked parks and library systems, we got them! Tours give participants an opportunity to see some of these gems and so many more that the city has to offer. 
  1. Baton Rouge is home to some really great historical landmarks and neighborhoods. Tours give participants the opportunity to learn about some of Baton Rouge’s oldest and most unique neighborhoods, and locales. 
  1. Tours spotlight Baton Rouge small businesses, introducing a new group of fans and potential customers to local favorites. We proudly support all our local businesses, and our tour guides are happy to give their top five lists so participants can find their own favorites. 

Love BR and want to share that with these participants? We are hiring safe and friendly guides! For more information on setting up a tour, or becoming a guide, email today. 

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