‘REenergize the Gulf Coast’ Launched: Baton Rouge-Geismar Corridor at the Center of Activity

Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Daily Digest, the Baton Rouge Carbon Reduction Alliance, and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber announced the launch of “REenergize the Gulf Coast,” an online community and event series that will feature the rise of new low-carbon technologies that are transforming the U.S. Gulf Coast economy.

The Baton Rouge-Geismar industrial corridor has become the center of activity with more than $25 billion since 2020 in announced and considered low carbon projects including, solar, sustainable fuels, renewable chemicals, circular chemicals, renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and nuclear.

In recent years, more than 100 projects have been announced in the United States aimed at deploying low carbon technology at scale. The surge of project activity is bringing the prospect of thousands of good-paying jobs and giving the region a leadership role in the net zero economy based in sustainable energy, chemicals and materials. Hundreds of nations and major corporations have announced net zero goals that set the stage for project development and deployment to deliver low carbon energy and materials.

On Feb. 1, the REenergize online community launched at reenergize.community, featuring forums, groups, messaging and member profiles where technologists, project developers, suppliers, policymakers, financiers, customers and supply-chain and value-chain partners can discover potential opportunities, connect and share updates.

Each Tuesday, the community members will gather online for a weekly webinar series and project opportunity meet-up, which will be available live and interactive and also on-demand via the Digest’s ROBIN streaming platform.

“Reenergize is perfectly aligned with the Baton Rouge Carbon Reduction Alliance’s objectives to position Louisiana’s Capital Region as a leader in low-carbon energy and products,” said Russell Richardson, senior vice president of business development at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. “The Alliance looks forward to creating a space for discussion around the growth of low-carbon strategies and technologies.”

“We are excited to be a part of this partnership with The Digest,” said Adam Knapp, president and CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. “Reenergize will leverage the momentum of sustainable, clean energy investments underway or proposed for the Baton Rouge Area. Additionally, Reenergize will leverage H2theFuture, a $75 million multi-regional grant with the U.S Economic Development Administration aimed at building a clean hydrogen energy cluster to decarbonize south Louisiana’s industrial corridor.”

Jim Lane, editor and publisher of The Digest, the world’s most widely read low carbon daily with more than 5.6 million unique readers, said, “This industrial transformation we’re seeing take place all around the world has its project and deployment heart in the Baton Rouge region and all along the US Gulf Coast. The projects are numerous, complex, and large — no one can do this alone, organizations are going to have to network like crazy to realize all their opportunities, and that is what REenergize is all about.”

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