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Use the Community Profiles & Demographics Database to build your own demographic report for the region, a specific parish, or city based on varying categories including age, behaviors, education and more, or review public reports already created.  

BRAC's Quarterly Job Openings Analysis

Q2 2021 Key Takeaways

  • There were more than 32,000 unique job postings in the Capital Region as of June 2021; 
  • The two most high-demand occupations, truck drivers and registered nurses, have remained the top two high-demand occupations since January. Both of these occupations are in industries that were resilient during the pandemic; 
  • Licensed practical nursing remains the top sought after certification among healthcare employers; 
  • In the tech sector, employers are most interested in SQL, Agile and Java in regards to skills and certifications – SQL and Java have remained a top sought after skill;   
  • In manufacturing and construction, the greatest demand is for supervisors of skilled craft workers; 
  • In the logistic sector, there is high-demand for passenger vehicle driver likely due to increased demand for drivers for food delivery and ride sharing. Truck drivers still remain in high-demand.  

Andrew Fitzgerald

Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence
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