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BRAC's Quarterly Job Openings Analysis

Q4 2021 Key Takeaways

  •  There were more than 54,000 unique job postings in the Capital Region as of November 2021, with a median advertised salary of $50,100 which is a 4.8% increase over the median advertised salary from Sept. 2021;
  • Facebook posted more jobs than any other organization in Q4 even though the company does not have an office in Louisiana - this reflects the increasing number of remote and flexible work options available to workers;
  • Employers in the healthcare and tech industries are increasingly seeking candidates with degrees from higher ed institutions:
    (% postings with Associate's or higher)
    (% postings with Bachelor's or higher)
    Q1 2021 42% 52%
    Q2 44% 61%
    Q3 49% 78%
    Q4 62% 85%
  • Communication is the most sought-after common skill by employers, showing up in one-third of all job postings;
  • There are currently more job postings in the logistics industry (5,499) than at any time since May 2019, and these positions advertise a median advertised salary of $52,700;
  • There were almost 2,100 unique job postings for registered nurses which represents a 271% increase relative to last quarter, and these positions advertise a median salary above $104,000;
  • The two most in-demand occupations in the industrial sector are supervisory positions, highlighting the opportunities available for upskilling employees to managerial positions.

Andrew Fitzgerald

Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence
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