Resource To Find Gas Stations and Track Outages

BRAC reached out to management at the Gas Buddy app on Tuesday. They confirmed that their fuel-price-search app has activated a disaster-area service that allows users in Louisiana and Mississippi to find gas stations with fuel, diesel and power. The app is free. We encourage residents to take time to update outage data as stores run out or reopen, so that everyone in the community has visibility of available fuel locations. Download the Gas Buddy app from your App Store, or learn more at Once you add your location, the outage information will automatically appear for each station.

“The GasBuddy fuel availability tracker proves time and time again to be an essential resource when natural disasters hit,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “As residents of Louisiana return home after evacuations, and many deal with ongoing power outages, the ability to find fuel has become more important than ever. We encourage all local GasBuddy users to remain diligent in updating the status of gas stations in their area. GasBuddy created the tracker, but it is our users who help each other weather the storm.”

To view locations with fuel on a map, you can visit their Tracker Map, which allows a user to zoom in an out of the Baton Rouge area. As you change and move the map, it is necessary to click “Redo Search in this Area” to see updated locations.  

In addition, the company has posted a blog this morning to share the fuel station outage percentages by Louisiana city. As of this morning, 52.7 percent of gas stations in the Baton Rouge Area have fuel outages, while 26 percent are out of diesel. 

BRAC is maintaining resources and information related to business recovery from Hurricane Ida at

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