September Ambassador Spotlight

Meet Jasmine H. Paul 

Occupation: Owner, Health and Wellness Coach, and Life Coach

Organization: HEAL-Mind Body Soul, LLC 

When and why did you get involved with BRAC?  

I started my business in July 2020, and I joined BRAC September 4, 2020. It was suggested by SCORE to join as a means for me to connect with other small business owners. 

Tell us more about how you are involved in Baton Rouge (job or organizations).  

I offer health and wellness coaching to women that want to be empowered to take control of their health without fear, guilt, or shame. Whether it is to improve energy, reduce stress, lose weight, increase physical activity, or plan or prep healthier meals, I coach clients on a wide range of health challenges. I work with clients to define their wellness vision, create small action steps, offer support and resources, and provide accountability. I am a member of the Internal Coaching Federation, and I am always looking to connect with other coaches within the BR metro. 

Why do you stay involved with BRAC?  

I believe in the mission of economic growth for all people within the Baton Rouge Area. BRAC is a great source of information and people that want to help each other. When you are connected to an organization such as BRAC, you are connected to information as soon as it is happening within the region. Business owners need that. 

What would you tell someone considering becoming a BRAC investor?  

Try it for a year and see how you like it. How much more can your business grow if you received new information you never had, met a new person you may not have ever met before, or even participated within an event you may not have ever had an opportunity to? There is always something to gain from being connected to other businesses within the community. 

What do you see for the future of Baton Rouge?  

I am hopeful for a more diverse and inclusive Baton Rouge in which all people can thrive and live their best healthy lives. How will we get there? Together. It takes all of us together, with open minds and hearts, to have serious conversations about where we are and where we see ourselves for the next generations to come. I am prayerful and hopeful that we can reach common ground. The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can make more of an impact within our community. 

What’s one of the most exciting things you see happening in the Baton Rouge Area today?  

I believe the Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center in Baton Rouge is a major win for the community. It’s exciting to see opportunities created here within our own state. 

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