September Young Professional Spotlight

Seth Irby

Meet Seth Irby 

Occupation: Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer 

Organization: Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation 

Tell us a little about your Baton Rouge Story. What brought you to Baton Rouge?

I moved to Richmond, Va. after spending most of my childhood and all of college in Baton Rouge. In the first five years of my career, my job brought me to over 150 cities across the country. This experience taught me two things – 1. Baton Rouge and Louisiana have so much to learn from other successful communities 2. Our city and state have a unique culture that is unmatched.  

In June 2016, my wife and I decided to return to Louisiana to start a family near friends and family and invest our professional and personal time in making Baton Rouge and Louisiana a better place to work and live. 

Tell us more about how you’re involved in Baton Rouge.

After three incredible years at Emergent Method, I recently joined LWCC’s executive team because I was attracted to the company’s purpose and the opportunities ahead. LWCC is champion for Louisiana business that is focused on being a catalyst to elevate Louisiana’s position in the nation. That vision directly aligns with my career goals and values and I’m motivated to help it become a reality.  

Mentorship is my passion and I look to incorporate this into my community involvement. I serve on several non-profit boards, but I’ve learned my time is best spent mentoring the younger generation. I dedicate several hours a week to helping college students improve their leadership skills and reach their career goals. My success today is a product of great mentors and I’m doing my best to pay it forward. 

What is your favorite thing about Baton Rouge?

I believe this community is a meritocracy. Baton Rouge rewards people who work hard and invest in the city’s future. I’m motivated by the countless professionals – from all walks of life, ages, and races – who roll up their sleeves and work to make the Capital Region a better place. 

What is your dream for Baton Rouge?

My career has taught me that “talent” is the most critical ingredient for success. I hope that Baton Rouge is not only a place that retains its homegrown talent, but also a place that attracts the top talent from across the country. With the right people, I’m confident we can become one of America’s best cities for business opportunity and quality of life. 

How are young professionals like yourself shaping Baton Rouge?

Young professionals are getting their hands dirty and helping to solve our community’s biggest problems. New businesses are launching, the average age of non-profit boards is dropping, and younger leaders are running for office. 

What would you say to someone considering a move to Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge needs solution-oriented problem-solvers who want to help a city reach its full potential. We’ll provide one-of-a-kind culture, football, hospitality, and food, but we need you to provide your talents and work ethic to help our community grow and improve.   

What is your Baton Rouge favorite?

  • Place to eat: Digiulio Brothers (off the menu item – add a meatball to the minestrone soup) 
  • Place to capture the perfect Instagram pic: Saturday Night in Death Valley 

With significant job growth, a bustling arts scene, delectable cuisine, abundant outdoor activities and more, the Capital Region attracts talent of all ages, including young professionals. Whether straight out of college or looking to establish their own business, more and more young professionals are choosing to lay their roots in Baton Rouge.

Each month, BRAC highlights one of these young Baton Rouge Area movers and shakers in the Young Professional Spotlight.

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