Strategic Plan

In March of 2020, BRAC formally paused its traditional strategic goals and planning for a new five-year strategic plan to pivot its priorities to support the regional business community through the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period. BRAC will launch a new regional strategic plan in 2022.

Think Bigger, a five-year regional strategic plan, was developed through stakeholder input, focused research and the guidance of a planning committee comprised of business and civic leaders. It’s aggressive, it’s bold and it sets out to achieve ambitious milestones the region must attain in order to compete and prosper.

While the Baton Rouge Area has achieved much in the last decade, it is time to raise the proverbial bar and set higher expectations for the Baton Rouge Area. It’s time to Think Bigger.

BRAC’s third five-year strategic plan, the Think Bigger campaign, encompasses work for the 2016-2021 cycle. It identifies specific objectives and action items to address four specific goals and to create accountability to BRAC’s investors and the broader community:

  • Align and deepen BRAC’s targeted business retention, attraction and small business approaches
  • Promote major assets for diversification and competitiveness
  • Accelerate entrepreneurship, high-growth firms and business innovation
  • Continually enhance the region’s business climate
  • Expand STEM learning and partnerships in PK-12 public education
  • Align regional workforce development systems to meet business needs
  • Attract and retain top talent that supports targeted business sectors
  • Promote the business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Act as a change agent on major initiatives and policy reforms that enhance quality of life and economic growth
  • Champion swift transportation and traffic solutions
  • Improve access to high quality school choices for all families in the Baton Rouge Area
  • Advocate for transformational quality of place initiatives
  • Articulate the Baton Rouge Area’s value to businesses and talent
  • Execute a sustained media relations strategy
  • Advance formal super-regional efforts

2021 Priorities

BRAC will undertake two overarching goals for 2021: meeting the moment for COVID recovery and building a foundation for the future. To achieve these, BRAC has identified the following priorities:

Continue to be nimble to support businesses rebounding from COVID’s economic effects

Advance and support the bridge project, the bridge district, and funding options through the proposed gas tax

Drive reinvestment in North Baton Rouge and champion diversity and inclusion initiatives

Pursue strategies for business recruitment and economic diversification opened up by post-COVID opportunities

Retain the region's talent by getting more businesses and students using the Handshake platform to connect local job seekers and employers

Watch BRAC President and CEO Adam Knapp present BRAC's 2021 agenda at a Press Club meeting on January 11 here.


Think Bigger has many investors and continues to grow. Become a campaign investor today.


Regional Strategic Plan

November 6, 2019

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