Talent Action Collaborative

The Talent Action Collaborative (TAC) is a partnership between BRAC and East Baton Rouge Parish Schools designed to align K-12 education with the needs of business and industry. This initiative allows business and industry to steer education to the specific industry needs while training their future employees and ensuring Louisiana’s talent retention. The network aims to close the disconnect between workforce and education by being business-led, industry-specific, and solution-oriented. 

We have identified five high-wage, high-demand sectors: 

  • construction and manufacturing
  • liberal arts and management
  • technology
  • transportation, automotive, and logistics

We targeted industry and education titans for each of those areas to become an Education Champion. 




  • Gain in-depth career exposure through job shadowing and internships 
  • Earn an industry-based credential and/or an associate degree 
  • Build a professional network through industry-specific mentorship 
  • Minimize student debt through dual enrollment and paid apprenticeships 


  • Redesign the current workforce model 
  • Advocate for policy and legislative changes  
  • Train future employees to succeed in their chosen industry 


Evon L. Roquemore
Evon L. Roquemore Chief Executive Officer at Bright Enterprise

"High school internships are a critical part of workforce development and economic development. What better way to invest in our community than to pour time and resources into people that may become our employees in 5-10 years." 

David Helveston
David Helveston President at Associated Builders and Contractors, Pelican Chapter

"Internships allow high school students to learn so much more about themselves and the real world than they ever could in a classroom setting. These meaningful workplace experiences will impact the interns for the rest of their lives." 

Michelle Hardy
Michelle Hardy Director of Public Affairs & Community Relations at Turner Industries

"Internships also help to foster the next generation of our workforce, and this next generation will be the one that drives our industry forward.” 

Edgardo Tenreiro
Edgardo Tenreiro Chief Executive Officer at Baton Rouge General Medical Center

"This program offers a win-win opportunity for students and businesses. When students intern at Baton Rouge General, they are exposed to the individuals who hold those jobs, they learn by doing … and BRG gets to know and develop relationships with our future workforce." 



Navy and white

Brace B. “Trey” Godfrey, III

Senior Vice President of Policy
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