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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: High School Internships

As part of our strategic plan, BRAC is committed to building a seamless talent pipeline and promoting career awareness. The Talent Action Collaborative has embarked on a goal of securing 1,000 internships for our rising high school seniors, with a mission of addressing the disconnect between workforce and education. Internships benefit students' career growth and development and benefit employers. Not only does this opportunity allow employers to prepare students to become the region's future business and industry leaders, but it also offers a learning opportunity for the employers.

Interested businesses may register to host 12th-grade students as interns using the application below. If you have any additional questions, email tac@brac.org.

The Talent Action Collaborative (TAC) is a partnership between BRAC and East Baton Rouge Parish Schools designed to align K-12 education with the needs of business and industry. This initiative allows business and industry to steer education to the specific industry needs while training their future employees and ensuring Louisiana’s talent retention. The network aims to close the disconnect between workforce and education by being business-led, industry-specific, and solution-oriented.

We have identified five high-wage, high-demand sectors:
  • construction and manufacturing
  • med and pre-med
  • liberal arts and management
  • technology
  • transportation, automotive, and logistics

We targeted industry and education titans for each of those areas to join this three-tier task force: CEOs for Education, Strategic Operations Team, and the Five Commissions.

CEOs for Education

Strategic Operations Committee

The Strategic Operations Committee is what we affectionately describe as “the implementers.” The committee is comprised of designees from the CEOs for Education specializing in workforce development and career training, including human resources managers, talent recruiters, provosts, and heads of workforce development. They will meet monthly to guide career pathways, programming, key performance indicators, and partnerships. This group aims to innovate and implement curriculum design, programs, and outcomes based on commission recommendations, with a future-focused vision from CEOs. The committee will interface on implementation with education senior staff, including prominent members of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System such as the chief academic officer, assistant superintendent of curriculum, and executive director at EBR Career and Technical Education Center.

The Five Commissions



    • Gain in-depth career exposure through job shadowing and internships
    • Earn an industry-based credential and/or an associate degree
    • Build a professional network through industry-specific mentorship
    • Minimize student debt through dual enrollment and paid apprenticeships

  • Businesses will

    • Redesign the current workforce model
    • Advocate for policy and legislative changes 
    • Train future employees to succeed in their chosen industry


Navy and white

Tonnisha Ellis

Senior Manager of Education and
Workforce Policy and Research
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