Thermaldyne to Open West Baton Rouge Plant in 2018

BATON ROUGE, La.Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Thermaldyne CEO Randall Tolbert today announced that the environmental solutions company has made a $50 million investment in West Baton Rouge which will allow Thermaldyne to open the plant in late 2018. The project will bring 75 new jobs with an average salary of $80k, plus benefits.

The project has expanded in both capital investment and job creation. The reclamation plant will afford an in-state option for Louisiana oil companies for management of their oil bearing materials.

“For the past few years, our experienced team of environmental management and oil and gas professionals has worked diligently to create a safe and efficient way to reclaim oil bearing materials,” said Tolbert. “Through this entire process, safety, health, and compliance have remained our highest priorities, and we are committed to making a positive environmental impact. The design of our soon-to-open plant reflects that commitment.”

Thermaldyne’s facility will feature a unique configuration and the latest industrial petroleum reclamation technology. As part of this state-of-the-art environmental reclamation process, heat is used to separate contaminants from oil bearing streams such as soil, sludge and filter cake from refining and related oil and gas industries. Through this process, oil bearing materials that would otherwise have been disposed of through traditional disposal methods such as landfills can be separated, resulting in products such as valuable clean oil and solids that may be repurposed, including use as asphalt.

“BRAC has been pleased to work with the Thermaldyne team over the past several years, and we are looking forward to the opening of the plant later this year,” said Adam Knapp, president and CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. “The combination of well-paying, quality jobs, and environmentally-conscious processes makes this an ideal project for the Capital Region.”

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About Thermaldyne

Thermaldyne’s leadership team comprises professionals with decades of experience in the environmental management and oil and gas industries. Currently, the company is actively breaking ground on plants in the Southeast with additional sites planned nationwide. Thermaldyne, an environmental solutions company, uses innovative technologies to reclaim oil bearing materials in a clean and efficient manner that saves a company time, money and resources. The company’s reclamation plant design separates oil bearing materials into treated water, reclaimable assets and solids. It benefits oil refineries nationwide.

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