Truck drivers, nurse jobs in demand in Baton Rouge

The Advocate

Truck drivers and registered nurses were the two occupations with the highest demand for workers in metro Baton Rouge, according to an analysis of job openings.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber based the report on data collected from more than 55,000 websites including job boards and company-specific job opportunity pages.

There were 4,318 unique postings for heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver positions in the area during February, a 119% increase from February 2020. There were 1,846 registered nurse jobs, up 41% over the same period. Retail sales ranked third, with 1,221 job postings, a 9% drop from a year ago.about:blank

“As the regional economy recovers, it is key that the Capital Region community understands what positions local businesses are trying to hire, and what skills are required,” said Andrew Fitzgerald, senior director of research for BRAC. “We are publishing this data so that educators and training providers can ensure that the programs best aligned with these openings are available, and jobseekers can have confidence that this upskilling will improve their chances at a high-demand, high-wage job.”

The report is available at

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